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1st 00:14PITHitJordan Staal hit Mike Fisher
1st 00:31OTTShotDaniel Alfredsson Snap Shot
1st 00:39PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Chris Campoli
1st 01:21OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Kris Letang
1st 01:24OTTPenaltyJarkko Ruutu Roughing against Kris Letang
1st 01:27OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Bill Guerin
1st 02:01PITShotEvgeni Malkin Snap Shot
1st 02:37PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Wrist Shot
1st 02:46PITHitChris Kunitz hit Chris Kelly
1st 02:53PITHitJordan Staal hit Matt Cullen
1st 04:10OTTHitPeter Regin hit Pascal Dupuis
1st 04:33OTTShotPeter Regin Wrist Shot
1st 04:56PITHitMike Rupp hit Chris Campoli
1st 05:01PITHitCraig Adams hit Shean Donovan
1st 05:05OTTShotJesse Winchester Snap Shot
1st 05:46PITHitChris Kunitz hit Anton Volchenkov
1st 05:54OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Chris Kunitz
1st 07:07PITShotJay McKee Slap Shot
1st 07:27PITHitMatt Cooke hit Andy Sutton
1st 07:58PITHitMatt Cooke hit Jarkko Ruutu
1st 08:52OTTHitDaniel Alfredsson hit Bill Guerin
1st 09:38PITHitMike Rupp hit Jesse Winchester
1st 09:59PITShotAlex Goligoski Slap Shot
1st 10:00PITPenaltyMike Rupp Roughing against Andy Sutton
1st 10:11OTTHitMatt Cullen hit Matt Cooke
1st 10:25OTTGoalMike Fisher (2) Tip-In, assists: Erik Karlsson (4), Jason Spezza (5)
1st 11:01OTTHitChris Neil hit Jay McKee
1st 11:33OTTGoalJarkko Ruutu (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Nick Foligno (1), Chris Kelly (4)
1st 12:00OTTHitErik Karlsson hit Max Talbot
1st 12:15PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Mike Fisher
1st 12:35PITHitJordan Staal hit Chris Campoli
1st 12:40OTTShotMatt Carkner Backhand
1st 12:41OTTShotDaniel Alfredsson Wrist Shot
1st 12:56PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
1st 13:32PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Erik Karlsson
1st 13:45PITHitMark Eaton hit Nick Foligno
1st 14:02PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
1st 14:31OTTHitChris Kelly hit Chris Kunitz
1st 14:43OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
1st 15:19OTTHitJesse Winchester hit Sergei Gonchar
1st 15:24PITHitSergei Gonchar hit Jesse Winchester
1st 15:45PITHitJordan Staal hit Matt Carkner
1st 16:08OTTShotJason Spezza Snap Shot
1st 16:13OTTShotChris Neil Snap Shot
1st 16:27PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
1st 17:05OTTHitMike Fisher hit Sergei Gonchar
1st 17:35PITShotRuslan Fedotenko Backhand
1st 17:50PITHitMatt Cooke hit Chris Campoli
1st 17:51OTTPenaltyChris Phillips Cross checking against Matt Cooke
1st 18:05PITGoalKris Letang (2) Snap Shot, assists: Bill Guerin (4), Evgeni Malkin (2)
1st 19:46OTTHitNick Foligno hit Evgeni Malkin
1st 19:49OTTPenaltyChris Phillips Tripping against Jordan Staal
1st 19:57PITHitBill Guerin hit Mike Fisher
2nd 00:42OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 00:51OTTHitAndy Sutton hit Sidney Crosby
2nd 01:33PITHitJordan Staal hit Daniel Alfredsson
2nd 01:40PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
2nd 01:55PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Wrist Shot
2nd 01:59PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Wrist Shot
2nd 03:10PITPenaltyPascal Dupuis Interference against Nick Foligno
2nd 03:37OTTShotMatt Cullen Wrist Shot
2nd 04:33PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
2nd 05:53OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
2nd 06:05PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
2nd 06:13PITHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Andy Sutton
2nd 06:22OTTHitNick Foligno hit Brooks Orpik
2nd 07:03PITHitBill Guerin hit Nick Foligno
2nd 07:25PITShotMatt Cooke Snap Shot
2nd 08:17PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Shean Donovan
2nd 09:40PITShotMax Talbot Wrap-around
2nd 11:00PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Andy Sutton
2nd 11:26OTTHitMike Fisher hit Matt Cooke
2nd 12:04PITShotChris Kunitz Slap Shot
2nd 12:19PITShotJay McKee Slap Shot
2nd 12:33OTTHitChris Neil hit Sergei Gonchar
2nd 12:43OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Max Talbot
2nd 13:07PITHitCraig Adams hit Jarkko Ruutu
2nd 13:57PITHitChris Kunitz hit Peter Regin
2nd 14:35OTTHitMike Fisher hit Mark Eaton
2nd 14:51PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
2nd 15:11OTTShotMike Fisher Wrist Shot
2nd 15:42PITHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Andy Sutton
2nd 15:42PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Matt Cullen
2nd 16:13PITShotAlex Goligoski Snap Shot
2nd 16:30PITShotPascal Dupuis Slap Shot
2nd 16:42PITShotEvgeni Malkin Backhand
2nd 16:59OTTShotJason Spezza Snap Shot
2nd 17:17PITShotMark Eaton Wrist Shot
2nd 17:21OTTHitMatt Carkner hit Craig Adams
2nd 18:16OTTShotZack Smith Wrist Shot
2nd 18:30PITHitBill Guerin hit Chris Phillips
2nd 18:32PITShotSidney Crosby Wrist Shot
2nd 18:33PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
2nd 18:34PITGoalChris Kunitz (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Sidney Crosby (8), Bill Guerin (5)
2nd 19:10PITShotJordan Staal Backhand
2nd 19:32PITShotSidney Crosby Backhand
2nd 19:41OTTHitMike Fisher hit Matt Cooke
2nd 19:49PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Anton Volchenkov
2nd 19:52PITHitJordan Staal hit Chris Phillips
2nd 20:00OTTHitMike Fisher hit Brooks Orpik
3rd 00:29PITShotSidney Crosby Wrist Shot
3rd 01:17OTTHitNick Foligno hit Brooks Orpik
3rd 01:20PITHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Andy Sutton
3rd 01:41PITHitMatt Cooke hit Chris Campoli
3rd 01:54OTTPenaltyChris Campoli Slashing against Jay McKee
3rd 02:37OTTHitMike Fisher hit Kris Letang
3rd 02:47PITShotBill Guerin Tip-In
3rd 02:54OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Alex Goligoski
3rd 03:22PITGoalSergei Gonchar (1) Wrist Shot, assists: none
3rd 05:59PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
3rd 06:28PITShotAlex Goligoski Wrap-around
3rd 07:26OTTHitChris Campoli hit Ruslan Fedotenko
3rd 08:02PITHitMatt Cooke hit Chris Campoli
3rd 08:29OTTShotJesse Winchester Slap Shot
3rd 08:33OTTShotErik Karlsson Slap Shot
3rd 08:38OTTShotJesse Winchester
3rd 08:45PITShotPascal Dupuis Slap Shot
3rd 08:56OTTHitZack Smith hit Sidney Crosby
3rd 08:59PITShotEvgeni Malkin Wrist Shot
3rd 09:00PITShotEvgeni Malkin Wrist Shot
3rd 09:01PITGoalSidney Crosby (5) Wrist Shot, assists: Evgeni Malkin (3)
3rd 09:40OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
3rd 09:55PITHitMatt Cooke hit Chris Campoli
3rd 10:04OTTHitMatt Carkner hit Ruslan Fedotenko
3rd 10:24OTTGoalPeter Regin (4) Slap Shot, assists: Jason Spezza (6), Erik Karlsson (5)
3rd 10:31PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
3rd 10:49OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Mark Eaton
3rd 10:53OTTHitChris Neil hit Kris Letang
3rd 11:06PITShotEvgeni Malkin Wrist Shot
3rd 11:07OTTPenaltyJarkko Ruutu Elbowing against Kris Letang
3rd 12:14PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
3rd 12:44PITPenaltyAlexei Ponikarovsky Hooking against Chris Kelly
3rd 13:56PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Matt Cullen
3rd 14:06OTTShotMatt Cullen Slap Shot
3rd 14:11OTTShotMatt Cullen Slap Shot
3rd 14:14OTTPenaltyMike Fisher Hi-sticking against Brooks Orpik
3rd 14:14PITPenaltyMarc-Andre Fleury Roughing against Mike Fisher
3rd 14:14OTTPenaltyMike Fisher Hi stick - double minor against Brooks Orpik
3rd 14:14OTTPenaltyMike Fisher Hi-sticking against Brooks Orpik
3rd 14:43PITShotJordan Staal Backhand
3rd 14:44PITPenaltyJordan Staal Interference - Goalkeeper against Pascal Leclaire
3rd 15:06PITShotBrooks Orpik Wrist Shot
3rd 16:49OTTShotErik Karlsson Slap Shot
3rd 16:57PITShotMatt Cooke Wrist Shot
3rd 17:03PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Nick Foligno
1st OT 01:35OTTShotChris Phillips Backhand
1st OT 01:38OTTShotChris Neil Wrist Shot
1st OT 01:54PITHitCraig Adams hit Andy Sutton
1st OT 02:04OTTShotJason Spezza Wrist Shot
1st OT 02:57OTTHitMike Fisher hit Pascal Dupuis
1st OT 03:08OTTShotMatt Cullen Slap Shot
1st OT 03:19PITShotBill Guerin Snap Shot
1st OT 05:18PITHitMike Rupp hit Andy Sutton
1st OT 06:02PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Backhand
1st OT 07:08OTTShotChris Kelly Wrist Shot
1st OT 07:26OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Alex Goligoski
1st OT 07:56PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
1st OT 08:05PITHitMatt Cooke hit Jason Spezza
1st OT 08:48OTTShotMike Fisher Slap Shot
1st OT 09:11PITShotPascal Dupuis Slap Shot
1st OT 11:48OTTShotJason Spezza Slap Shot
1st OT 11:56OTTShotMatt Cullen Wrist Shot
1st OT 12:21PITHitJay McKee hit Jason Spezza
1st OT 12:28OTTPenaltyJason Spezza Cross checking against Jay McKee
1st OT 15:11PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Peter Regin
1st OT 15:35OTTHitPeter Regin hit Kris Letang
1st OT 15:40PITPenaltyKris Letang Holding against Peter Regin
1st OT 16:56PITShotCraig Adams Wrist Shot
1st OT 17:28OTTShotJason Spezza Wrist Shot
1st OT 17:34OTTShotChris Kelly Slap Shot
1st OT 17:43PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Nick Foligno
1st OT 17:55PITPenaltyBrooks Orpik Holding against Nick Foligno
1st OT 17:55OTTPenaltyNick Foligno Roughing against Brooks Orpik
1st OT 18:14OTTHitMike Fisher hit Sidney Crosby
1st OT 18:15PITShotSidney Crosby Backhand
1st OT 18:34OTTShotChris Phillips Slap Shot
1st OT 19:29OTTHitErik Karlsson hit Evgeni Malkin
2nd OT 01:14OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Slap Shot
2nd OT 03:28PITShotJordan Staal Backhand
2nd OT 03:44PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
2nd OT 04:17OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Jay McKee
2nd OT 05:43OTTHitMike Fisher hit Mike Rupp
2nd OT 07:48OTTHitNick Foligno hit Chris Kunitz
2nd OT 07:50PITShotSidney Crosby Wrap-around
2nd OT 08:41PITShotEvgeni Malkin Wrist Shot
2nd OT 11:11OTTShotErik Karlsson Wrist Shot
2nd OT 11:23PITHitMatt Cooke hit Andy Sutton
2nd OT 11:39OTTHitMike Fisher hit Ruslan Fedotenko
2nd OT 12:03OTTHitChris Neil hit Ruslan Fedotenko
2nd OT 12:35OTTHitPeter Regin hit Alex Goligoski
2nd OT 12:49OTTHitChris Campoli hit Max Talbot
2nd OT 13:57PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
2nd OT 14:19OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd OT 14:39PITHitMike Rupp hit Jarkko Ruutu
2nd OT 15:24OTTShotNick Foligno Wrist Shot
2nd OT 15:26OTTShotErik Karlsson Wrist Shot
2nd OT 16:47OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Craig Adams
2nd OT 17:53PITHitMatt Cooke hit Daniel Alfredsson
2nd OT 18:06PITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
2nd OT 18:53OTTHitChris Neil hit Brooks Orpik
2nd OT 19:27OTTHitAndy Sutton hit Evgeni Malkin
2nd OT 19:28PITShotKris Letang Wrist Shot
2nd OT 19:50PITHitChris Kunitz hit Jason Spezza
3rd OT 00:18PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
3rd OT 01:16PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Chris Neil
3rd OT 02:20OTTShotNick Foligno Wrist Shot
3rd OT 02:43OTTHitMatt Carkner hit Pascal Dupuis
3rd OT 03:14OTTShotChris Kelly Wrist Shot
3rd OT 03:33OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Jordan Staal
3rd OT 03:35PITHitMatt Cooke hit Jarkko Ruutu
3rd OT 04:15PITShotMax Talbot Backhand
3rd OT 04:21PITShotSidney Crosby Slap Shot
3rd OT 04:27PITShotSidney Crosby Wrist Shot
3rd OT 04:33PITHitMike Rupp hit Anton Volchenkov
3rd OT 04:42OTTShotPeter Regin Slap Shot
3rd OT 04:51OTTHitPeter Regin hit Max Talbot
3rd OT 05:18PITHitMike Rupp hit Nick Foligno
3rd OT 07:06OTTGoalMatt Carkner (1) Slap Shot, assists: Daniel Alfredsson (5), Mike Fisher (2)
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4C. PhillipsD0002439:15
5A. SuttonD0010036:10
7M. CullenC0005039:32
10S. DonovanR000004:59
11D. AlfredssonR0102038:34
12M. FisherC1103434:51
14C. CampoliD0010229:41
18J. WinchesterC00-13011:23
19J. SpezzaC0215236:34
22C. KellyC0104031:54
24A. VolchenkovD00-10035:01
25C. NeilR0002022:01
39M. CarknerD1012028:59
43P. ReginC1013030:07
47Z. SmithC00-1104:37
65E. KarlssonD0204040:38
71N. FolignoL0122227:27
73J. RuutuL1016429:33
33P. Leclaire5659.949107:06
3A. GoligoskiD00-13033:03
7M. EatonD0001039:00
9P. DupuisR0013227:39
11J. StaalC00-28232:32
13B. GuerinR0108028:30
14C. KunitzL1007029:54
17M. RuppL000029:34
23A. PonikarovskyL0004219:03
24M. CookeL00-22026:11
25M. TalbotC0002022:35
26R. FedotenkoL00-21019:25
27C. AdamsR0001018:55
44B. OrpikD0001438:30
55S. GoncharD0000044:08
58K. LetangD1002239:02
71E. MalkinC0206036:27
74J. McKeeD00-12021:00
87S. CrosbyC1228037:43
29M. Fleury4044.909107:00
scoring summary
1st Period
10:25OTT PPG - Mike Fisher (2) ASST: Erik Karlsson (4), Jason Spezza (5) 1 - 0 OTT
11:33OTT Jarkko Ruutu (2) ASST: Nick Foligno (1), Chris Kelly (4) 2 - 0 OTT
18:05PIT PPG - Kris Letang (2) ASST: Evgeni Malkin (2), Sidney Crosby (8) 2 - 1 OTT
2nd Period
18:34PIT Chris Kunitz (2) ASST: Sidney Crosby (9), Bill Guerin (4) 2 - 2 Tie
3rd Period
09:01PIT Sidney Crosby (5) ASST: Evgeni Malkin (3) 3 - 2 PIT
10:24OTT Peter Regin (3) ASST: Jason Spezza (6), Erik Karlsson (5) 3 - 3 Tie
1st OT Period
2nd OT Period
3rd OT Period
07:06OTT Matt Carkner (1) ASST: Daniel Alfredsson (5), Mike Fisher (2) 4 - 3 OTT
penalty summary
1st Period
01:24OTT Jarkko Ruutu  Roughing against  Kris Letang
10:00PIT Mike Rupp  Roughing against  Andy Sutton
17:51OTT Chris Phillips  Cross checking against  Matt Cooke
19:49OTT Chris Phillips  Tripping against  Jordan Staal
2nd Period
03:10PIT Pascal Dupuis  Interference against  Nick Foligno
3rd Period
01:54OTT Chris Campoli  Slashing against  Jay McKee
11:07OTT Jarkko Ruutu  Elbowing against  Kris Letang
12:44PIT Alexei Ponikarovsky  Hooking against  Chris Kelly
14:14OTT Mike Fisher  Hi-sticking against  Brooks Orpik
14:14OTT Mike Fisher  Hi-sticking against  Brooks Orpik
14:14PIT Marc-Andre Fleury  Roughing against  Mike Fisher
14:44PIT Jordan Staal  Interference on goalkeeper against  Pascal Leclaire
1st OT Period
10:52PIT Brooks Orpik  Delaying the game
12:28OTT Jason Spezza  Cross checking against  Jay McKee
15:40PIT Kris Letang  Holding against  Peter Regin
17:55PIT Brooks Orpik  Holding against  Nick Foligno
17:55OTT Nick Foligno  Roughing against  Brooks Orpik
2nd OT Period
3rd OT Period
shots by period
2nd OT67
3rd OT44
Team Stats
Power Plays1/61/7
Faceoff Wins4547
Blocked Shots4617
Penalty Minutes1816